The Green Door Market – Dublin 8’s Trendy New Indoor Market

Dublin Underground is always excited about anything that’s going on in Dublin 8. One of the oldest areas of Dublin, this is where the Vikings settled when they arrived in the late 8th century to establish the city. It’s an area brimming with history and personality and, looking at the smattering of new ventures sprouting up in the area, there seems to be a glimmer of a revolution afoot in D8. The latest venture to open its (green) door is the Green Door Market on Newmarket Square.

Green Door Market, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8

The Green Door Market, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8

It’s only been open since the start of April but already The Green Door Market has a nice logo and a good buzz going on Facebook and Twitter. Sure, a market should be all about the food but like it or not, if you want to get momentum around a new foodie venture, you need to embrace the social media side of things. From the look of their Facebook page this market is attracting some really exciting producers, like the Wildflour bakery, who are the brains behind the Rhubarb, Rose & Hendrick’s gin cakes and Bean and Goose who come bearing their 70 per cent cocoa single origin chocolate from Cuba.

Green Door Market, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8

The market is in a huge space

We went down there last week to check it out. On first impression, the space seems a little stark. The room that houses the market is cavernous and the small selection of stalls look a little bit lost, but the positioning of ‘Le Petit Camion’, a French food truck right at the entrance is a genius move. Food vans are bang on trend right now and it’s a retro looking Citroen that wouldn’t look out of place at the coolest boutique festival .

Le Petit Camion at the Green Door Market

Le Petit Camion is one handsome looking food van

Organic meat, fresh baked bread, fish, organic veg and fruit, juices, smoothies, olives, hummus, cured meats, cheese and crepes are just some of what’s on offer. Vegetables and meat can be a bit pricey but the thing about good quality organic produce is that you don’t need to add 25 ingredients to make it taste good. If you buy good quality pork all it needs is a glug of olive oil and a few sprigs of rosemary and grub’s up.

Green Door Market, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8

Olives, hummus and all sorts of fresh pestos are on offer

Delgano Foods at the Green Door Market

A little something to keep the paleo fans interested

For €20 I picked up organic pork chops and ribs, salami, a box of excellent organic eggs and a tub of sundried tomato pesto, followed by some people-watching at the central seating area. Shopping at The Green Door Market means that you get great quality produce direct from the producer. By cutting out the middle man your money is going directly to whoever reared, sowed or baked the produce. It’s a win-win situation and we hope to see more of it.

Green Door Market, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8

The contents of my haul – all for €20

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