Protein Power! Dublin’s top 10 places for protein shakes & snacks

For gym bunnies these days it’s all about hitting your macros and specialty protein cafés like London’s Protein Haus are catering for fitness fans across the water. They haven’t reached our shores (yet) but there are plenty of options in Dublin if you’re looking to refuel after a gruelling workout or to hit those magic macros:

Póg Froyo, Bachelors Walk
Their protein pancakes are ridiculous, look at them, just look at them! They’ve also got no less than five smoothies containing protein powder, plus protein frapuccino. My own personal favourite is the Dr Cleantella, made with cleantella, vanilla protein, avocado, hazelnuts and coconut milk. Póg might look like it’s just a froyo joint at first glance, but they actually offer an incredible range of healthy choices, including raw juices, smoothies, salads, wraps, soups and paleo baked goods, as well as all those protein smoothies & the awesome pancakes.

Pog protein pancakes dublin underground

Pog’s nutella strawberry protein pancakes. Look. at. them. (@PogFroYo, Facebook)

If puntastic options like “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” or “Getting Figgy with it” aren’t enough to get you in the door then maybe the healthy options will clinch it. FOODIE has four lush sounding protein shakes, ranging from the very green ‘Incredible Hulk’ with spinach and matcha to the ‘No coffee no workee’ that’s infused with a shot of coffee. Take that afternooon slump! There are also protein pancakes on the menu and a salad called ‘the gym buddy’. Yes please.

FOODIE protein pancakes dublin underground

FOODIE’s protein pancakes (@Foodiecafeifsc, Facebook)

Counter Culture, Mercer St. Lower, Dublin 2
At Counter Culture’s new premises on Mercer street you build your own fresh protein shake. Choose your base (Almond milk, Coconut milk or Cows’ milk), add peanut butter or almond butter, then they add chia seeds, pinhead porridge oats, Protein Powder and lastly you pick fresh strawberries or 85% dark chocolate to make a strawberry or chocolate shake. All for only €4.50. What an awesome idea.

Counter Culture Dublin Dublin Underground

Sure you’d feel healthier just looking at that. (@Counter Culture Dublin, Facebook)

Yogism, Georges St. Arcade
Yogism’s journey started out with frozen yogurt but they’ve added a breakfast menu and it’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into it. ‘My Protein’ whey is used in their protein pancakes and protein smoothies, as well as lots of other ingredients that will tick the box for gym bunnies, like like Greek yogurt (#leanprotein) and almond milk (#paleo).

Yogism Dublin Underground

More green goodness from Yogism (@yogismfrozen yogurt, Facebook)

Alchemy Juice Co, Level 2, BT2, Grafton St
Alchemy Juice Co is all about the juices (the hint is in the name) but juice isn’t all you’ll get here. This swanky café offers your protein hit and it’s in the form of the much loved Sun Warrior brand too. Sun Warrior is raw, vegan and plant based and it’s widely considered one of the most natural protein powders available. Check out the ingredient list for Alchemy’s Kale-Keto crush smoothie: lightly steamed kale, coconut milk, coconut oil, cinnamon, cider vinegar and Sun Warrior powder. In fact you can add Sun Warrior to any smoothie for €2.

Alchemy Juice co Dublin underground

Alchemy’s dream team of smoothies (@alchemyjuicedublin, Facebook)

Seven Wonders, IFSC
Seven Wonders offer no less than 24 different juices and smoothies (seriously, 24!) and get this, you can add a ‘protein booster’ to any of them, for only 50c. There’s not much more to say really. Twenty four!

Seven Wonders IFSC Dublin Underground

One of Seven Wonders’ wide selection of juices, add protein for 50c (@SevenWondersIFSC, Facebook)

Staple Foods, Grattan Street, Dublin 2
Staple Foods, formerly of Temple Bar, is now in its new home on Grattan street and it’s still offering amazing healthy breakfasts and lunches that will make you forget you’re eating healthy. For protein fans they have flourless paleo protein banana pancakes with Greek yogurt & fruit compote or banana & honey and a protein smoothie, made with chocolate protein powder, banana, peanut butter and almond milk.

Staple Foods Dubin Undergound

Staple Foods (@staplefoodsdublin, Facebook)

Jump Juice Bar, various locations
Jump Juice Bar has seven locations in Dublin, including Stephen’s Green, Jervis and Heuston station. It’s a grab and go option, perfect for post-gym refuelling. They’ve got 10 ‘Boosted Smoothies’ to choose from. The boosts range from ‘weight loss’ to ‘energy’ to ‘protein’, but note that the protein boost can actually be added to any smoothie on the menu.

Jump Juice Dublin Underground

Juice to make you Jump (@jumpjuicebars, Facebook)

Urban Health, the Triangle, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
Ranelagh’s Urban Health offers healthy breakfast and lunch choices, nutritional supplements, herbal teas and organic coffee. They also offer various detox or ‘cleanse’ options and nutritional workshops. But we’re here for their protein pancakes – made with a banana, two organic eggs, whey protein, coconut oil & baking soda, served with organic honey. Seriously yum.

Urban Health Dublin Underground

Urban health’s gluten free protein mars bars with 15g protein per bar. Holy shit. (photo, Facebook)

Tang, Dawson Street
From the makers of Yogism, Tang is a new restaurant on Dawson street serving breakfast and lunch daily. The menu is short and sweet and focuses on amazing fresh healthy choices. There are pancakes on the menu for breakfast and you can add protein for only 50c. They offer smoothies too, so maybe if you ask nicely they’ll pop some protein in there too…..

Tang Dublin Undeground

We don’t have a pic of their food yet so here’s a nice look at their cool logo (@yogismfrozenyogurt, Facebook)

Know any other places in Dublin offering protein shakes or snacks? Let us know in the comments……

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