Dublin Underground’s Guide To The Best Paleo Restaurants in Dublin

Several years ago we were the first to publish a list of the top Paleo friendly restaurants in Dublin. Since then many have copied the idea but we always think original is best! This article about Paleo eats in Dublin has proven to be one of our most popular posts ever and we’ve tried to keep it up to date. We hope you enjoy it….

Best for lunch:

1. Borlottie is a little healthy eating paradise in the IFSC. It’s aimed squarely at serving the busy worker bees of the financial centre – opening hours are from 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday and service is quick and super efficient. They have extensive Paleo options and they’ve even teamed up with Crossfit, who have endorsed several of their salad options.

Borlottie Paleo Dublin Undergound

The IFSC’s Borlottie – a whole board of Paleo options

3. POG is healthy foody heaven! With options including The Food Medic’s salads, protein pancakes and Cleantella smoothies you can see these guys are really into their nutrition. Póg is just off O’Connell Bridge and it’s got some really interesting options if you’re into Paleo or nutrition in general.

2. Staple Foods in Temple Bar is serving top notch healthy food and they say that their focus is on Paleo, vegan and dairy free diets so it’s definitely worth a try. Check out the menu before you go though, as a lot of the dishes have corn, rice, beans, chickpeas and other ingredients that will trip the hardcore Paleo fans up.

Best For Coffee:

1. Kaph on Drury Street’s is probably the city’s leading Paleo friendly café. As well as Paleo compliant cakes from Paleo Man Foods you’ll get to choose between coconut and almond milk. Imagine!

Kaph Paleo Dublin Underground

Paleo Foods at Kaph. Nom.

2. Tamarama on Aungier Street has an Australian vibe. Those Aussies have always been a bit ahead when it comes to healthy eating and this place keeps up that trend. More Paleo Man Foods cakes, as well as almond milk and from time to time; Paleo pancakes.

3. Clement & Pekoe on South William Street is another super hip coffee stop where you can pick up Paleo Man Foods cakes.

Best For Burgers:

1. Jo Burger:There are now three Jo Burgers around the city; Rathmines, Smithfield and in town. Despite the expansion the quality hasn’t slipped. With toppings like caramelized chilli banana and peanut chilli sauce Jo Burger is the home of the most decadent burgers in Dublin. You can get your burger in a bun, a wrap or nude. Steady now, that means lettuce instead of a bun. In terms of toppings there are about four options on the menu that are Paleo compliant, or you can build your own. They’re so substantial that you won’t even miss the bun.

Jo Burger Paleo Dublin Underground

Go nude at Jo Burger

2. Bunsen Burger: Paleo fans can also go nude at Bunsen on Wexford Street. Ooooh err. Keep your clothes on though, we’re still talking about lettuce instead of a bun. They’ve also got the option of sweet potato fries so Paleo fans are catered for again.

3. The Counter BurgerAt the Counter Burger you order by ticking your choices yourself on the menu. Their “burger in a bowl” is a standard option so you won’t even have to make a special request, just tick the box and enjoy whatever fully compliant combo you like.

Best For Burritos:

1. Pablo PicantePablo’s got not one but two Paleo Boxes; ‘Pablo’s Paleo Box’ and the ‘El Fresco Paleo Box’. Look, they’ve got a whole webpage dedicated to Paleo! Gracias, Pablo.

Pablo Picante Paleo Dublin Underground

Burritos for Everyone. We were listening in Spanish class.

2. Little Ass Burrito Bar on Dawson Street also have a Paleo box. It’s just a burrito minus the non Paleo bits, but we’ll take it.

Best For Dinner

1. Bear. And so to dinner. Any Paleo enthusiast worth their salt know it’s not hard to eat out, you just hit the nearest steakhouse. South William Street’s Bear specialises in the lesser known cuts like onglet and bavette. Best of all for the Paleos among us all their sides are sold separately so you can choose spinach or a side salad and avoid arguments with the waiter about whether or not he can swap the fries for something else.

Bear Paleo Dublin Underground

Bear. Rawr.

2. J2 Grill and Sushi is a cool little spot overlooking the Liffey. Like the name suggests it has steak and sushi. That’s a pretty cracking combo for someone who’s doing Paleo. The combination of sashimi to start and steak with salad for mains sounds like a fine way to enjoy yourself without falling off the wagon.

3. FX BuckleyWith five steakhouses around Dublin you’re never far from an FXB. There’s not much more to say, if you want a good steak you’re in the right place. This is a solid choice if you have a mixed group of people with some eating Paleo and some not. Although you might have to do a little bargaining to swap out your potatoes for something more compliant.

4. The Rustic StoneHigh end dining and healthy don’t often go hand in hand. The exception is The Rustic Stone where Dylan McGrath is bucking the trend by giving healthy food the five star treatment. If you’re a healthy eater looking for something special look no further.

5. Shanahans. A high end steakhouse where a steak will set you back €50 before you even start talking about sides. If you can afford it then go for it. If it’s good enough for Bill Clinton, it’s good enough for you!

Best for takeaways

1. Saba To Go is Rathmines’ top notch Thai takeaway. ‘Primal Green’, ‘Green Machine’ and ‘Caveman’ are their excellently titled Paleo options.

Saba Paleo Dublin Underground

Why yes, I am.

2. Bombay PantryAn Indian usually goes hand in hand with colossal servings of Naan bread and rice but Bombay Pantry have an entire page on their website dedicated to Paleo.  It’s not that they have a separate menu but more that they’re highlighting the Paleo friendly options on their menu and emphasising that they’re passionate about provenance and they make everything from scratch, including their own yoghurt. Yes please.


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