10 Photos of the Stunning National War Memorial Gardens

These 10 photos show the stunning Irish National War Memorial Gardens in Dublin 8 during the recent spell of good weather.  The gardens commemorate the Irish soldiers who fell in the First World War. They are surrounded by 19 acres of parkland bordering the Liffey; so as well as attracting visitors to the serene gardens the park is popular with joggers, dog walkers and families. This stretch of river is lined with boat clubs and the splash of oars often provides the soundtrack as you stroll by the river.

In 2011 the park rose to national attention when the Queen paid a visit to lay a wreath, but other than this five minutes of fame it remains to some extent a little local secret. The park isn’t clearly visible from the road and its three entrances are somewhat discreet so it often gets overlooked in favour of its bigger and better known neighbour, Phoenix Park. Accessible by foot from Chapelizod and Kilmainham and by car from Islandbridge, it’s well worth a visit if you haven’t been by now.

War Memorial Park

The main entrance to the park, from the South Circular Road

Rose Garden

The stunning sunken Rose Garden, bordered by two of the four granite Bookrooms. These bookrooms contain the Books of Remembrance in which are inscribed the names of the 49,400 Irish soldiers who died in the First World War

sh National War Memorial Gardens

A view onto one of the garden’s two fountains

sh National War Memorial Gardens

The centrally placed Irish granite ‘War Stone’ symbolises an altar

sh National War Memorial Gardens

The park’s memorial gardens are dedicated to the 49,400 Irish soldiers who fell in the First World War 

sh National War Memorial Gardens

The park’s trees were chosen to give variety and colour, seasonal interest and contrasting form

sh National War Memorial Gardens

The temple is flanked by five avenues

sh National War Memorial Gardens

The riverside walk links Islandbridge to Chapelizod

sh National War Memorial Gardens

The longstanding riverside boatclubs are ever busy add to the park’s buzz of activity

sh National War Memorial Gardens

There are few things more peaceful than the splash of oars on water early in the morning

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