Things are looking up for the city’s sushi lovers. It was once the preserve of only the most adventurous of eaters but finally, sushi is having its day in the sun. In recent times some great sushi restaurants have sprung up all over the city. There was a time when Yo Sushi was as good as it got for fans of raw fish. Now Zakura, Musashi, Yamamori, J2 and Dublin’s best hidden restaurant, Michie Sushi, are all competing to provide Dublin’s best sushi.

The latest spot that gets our seal of approval is Lower Liffey Street’s Kokoro Sushi Bento. Nestled beside the Ha’penny bridge Kokoro is not only serving up delicious, fresh sushi, but they’re doing it at great prices too. A bumper bento box packed with 11 different pieces of sushi will set you back €7.65. What’s more, you can pick exactly what you want from their mouthwatering display of bento boxes and sushi packs. There’s not much in the way of seating, so once you’ve picked out your wares it’s off with you. Mind you, at these prices we won’t argue.


Kokoro Sushi Bento on Lower Liffey Street


I’ve never been to Japan, but I expect lots of neon when I get there


Kokoro’s range of bento boxes. I want all of them, please


A bento box will set you back €7.65


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