Forest Avenue – Shaking Up The Dublin Dining Scene

Ever since it opened last year Forest Avenue has been making waves on the Dublin dining scene. The food of Sandy and John Wyer has been described as exciting and groundbreaking; challenging expectations and bringing something new to the scene. With that sort of reputation you don’t expect the experience to come cheap. But with a midweek menu of two courses for €27 and a cheapest bottle of wine at €23, there is excellent value to be had at Forest Avenue.

Forest Avenue 1

The open kitchen at Forest Avenue. Like a real life episode of Masterchef.

However, sticking to the two course menu is easier said than done when you see what’s on offer. First up were excellent homemade onion and potato breads and, if there’s anything that washes down excellent homemade breads, it’s the house strawberry and beetroot Bellinis. Off to a good start.

Beetroot and strawberry Bellinis kick things off nicely

Beetroot and strawberry Martinis kick things off nicely

The first starter of cured pig’s cheek and roasted peach was a smorgasbord of flavours, all perfectly balanced and beautifully presented. As was the other starter; beef tartar. And let’s face it, if you’re going to eat beef tartar this is the kind of place you want to do it.

If this tastes as good as it looks we're in for a treat

Looks too good to eat. Almost.

For the main course there were three choices, cod, chicken or lamb. Unable to try all three (unfortunately) we went for cod and lamb and were treated to another round of artfully presented dishes with perfectly balanced flavours. This is a chef who knows what he’s doing and cares enough to do it. The open kitchen means you can watch him as he does it too.

Stunning main courses

More stunning dishes for the main course

The service at Forest Avenue is precise yet casual, a balance that is very hard to achieve. In fact that sums up the entire experience, high end food and excellent service with a laid back vibe. It’s a very hard act to pull off, but they do so perfectly.

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