What Dublin’s Top Personal Trainers Eat For Breakfast

In the world of expert nutrition advice breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, but it can also be the most confusing. Some experts will tell you to use breakfast to fuel up for the day, others will say keep it small. Some will say power up on carbs, some will say no carbs until noon. Well, sometimes it’s helpful to step back from all the studies and ask the pros one simple question: “What do YOU eat for breakfast?” So that’s exactly what we did.

Here eight of the Dublin’s top personal trainers share their favourite way to fuel up, from classics like porridge or eggs to more hardcore first meals like burgers and salad.

Andy Kenny of Andy Kenny Fitness

“I eat eggs and wholegrain bread for breakfast.  The eggs are usually scrambled with a little salt and pepper and when I can I add rocket leaves and a cherry tomato as it tastes great.  I occasionally try to make my own bread and freeze it in batches.  But when I have to buy it, I try to get really hard seedy fibrous bread.  If allergic to wheat, yeast etc people should look for special breads without these ingredients.  I use a little butter, old fashioned real butter.  The mix of protein, complex carbs, fibre and small amount of fat really helps keep me full but more importantly helps to balance my blood sugar levels to stop me craving later in the day.  Some trainers prefer a no carb breakfast but for me, I get too hungry later, then end up eating something I shouldn’t.”

Unlike most other trainers Andy wasn’t always in good shape and was very overweight in his late teens and early twenties. So overweight and unfit in fact, that on a hot day walking down the street, a woman felt it necessary to stop her car and offer him a lift! He went from gladly taking her up on her kind offer of help, to getting fit, becoming a personal trainer and then cycling 4400km across Australia unassisted and in just 42 days. He now runs a very busy gym in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock, which has almost 500 classes a month.  He specialises in spin classes and also helping people lose weight and to discover that looking good, should be a side effect of feeling great!

Andy Kenny Dublin Underground

Andy Kenny kicks the day off with eggs and brown bread

Dave Peelo of Metabolic Fitness

“Normally my breakfast is based around protein and healthy fats. Usually egg variations with a side of smoked salmon and avocado. The reason for this is a breakfast higher in protein and fat stabilizes appetite for the rest of the day. I normally get breakfast from Honest to Goodness on Dame Court as they have some great options.”

Metabolic Fitness is a private personal training gym located on Drury St. D2. They also provide female group training. Follow Metabolic Fitness on Instagram @metabolicfitness to find lots more pics and videos of how Dave eats and trains.

Dave Peelo Metabolic Fitness Dublin Underground

Eggs with a side of smoked salmon and avocado are the first port of call for Dave Peelo

Rory McInerney, Founder & Managing Director, Fitter Faster Stronger

“Standard Breakfast on a training day is two ‘mini-meals’. We start with clients from 5.30am so two small breakfasts are essential fuel. Part one is a smoothie at 5.30am; a handful of blueberries, a handful of blackberries, 30g mint choc protein, mint leaves, 30g porridge oats, a handful of almonds, 300ml water, 5 ice cubes, all blitzed in a Nutri Bullit. Part two at 8.15am is Overnight Oats. This is Ciaran Ruddock’s Recipe: 1 cup of oats, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 cupped handful of raisins, Sprinkle of chia seeds, 2 squares go broken up 85% dark chocolate, 1 tbsp greek yogurt, Cover in milk / almond milk, All left in the fridge overnight.”

Fitter Faster Stronger is a training facility that specialises in Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning and Functional Movement Training. This combination of training is designed to create a natural and agile physique. FFS is different because their emphasis is on making exercise enjoyable in an easy going, non intimidating & welcoming environment that caters for individuals of all fitness levels.

Fitter Faster Stronger Dublin Underground

For early riser Rory McInerney breakfast is taken in two stages, first a protein shake then later overnight oats.

Siobhan O’Hagan of OH Fitness

“Recently I’ve been training in the evenings so I keep my carb meals for pre and post workout. This means my breakfast would be higher in protein and fats. This is my new favourite – tuna and feta cheese omelette. So filling and light enough on the calories!”

Siobhan is a personal trainer and online coach. She originally studied Maths in college but her passion for training and healthy living encouraged her to take a risk and change careers, a risk that has proved worthwhile. To find out more about personal training or online coaching check out the ohfitness.ie website.

OH Fitness Dublin Underground

Siobhan O’Hagan starts the day with a tuna and feta cheese omelette

Niamh Fitzgerald from Lift Studios, Smithfield

“It’s very important to have a high fat, moderate protein and high fiber breakfast for energy, cognitive function and to get the metabolism fired up.  Make sure to rotate breakfast/foods on a daily basis to prevent the body building up intolerances to foods & keep metabolism firing. Examples of my typical breakfast include salad bowl with beef burgers & avocado, coffee with coconut oil, sardines with broccoli &  kale, beef mince with avocado & spinach or steak and mushrooms on rocket

Lift Training Studios is a dedicated weight lifting studio in Smithfield, Dublin 7, which offers personal training and classes including Strong (Wo)Man, HIIT Lifting and Pilates. With a focus on healthy living, the crew at Lift will cover all bases, from nutrition to form, in a positive and supportive environment.

Lift Studios Dublin Underground

One of Niamh’s favourite breakfasts is a salad bowl with beef burgers & avocado

Michael from Bodycoach.ie

“My daily breakfast is porridge soaked in full fat milk overnight with a little chopped banana. I eat the highest amount of carbs in the morning to give me energy for the day! I also take a few organic spirulina tablets, vitamin B and Siberian Ginseng.”

Bodycoach specializes in weight-loss and feeling good. Their ideal client is someone that wants to shed kilos, increase energy, and just feel really good about themselves. Bodycoach runs private one on one personal training and HIIT group classes in a positive friendly atmosphere. www.bodycoach.ie

Bodycoach Dublin Undeground

Michael keeps it classic with porridge and banana but spices it up with organic spirulina tablets, vitamin B and Siberian Ginseng

Carol from Camden PT

Carol’s breakfast usually consists of a protein shake made with banana and purition protein powder or an omelette with salad and one piece of wholegrain brown bread.

Camden PT is a private one-to-one training gym and is available on an appointment basis with one of our team of personal trainers. Camden PT has been operating for over 15 years in Dublin city, specialising in nutrition, strength & conditioning, and injury rehabilitation. They’ve recently opened a new state of the art studio on Camden Street Camden PT which boasts four watt bikes that can be booked for an hour long session. 

Camden PT Dublin Underground

Camden PT trainers Carol and Brian are fans of protein shakes and omelettes to start the day

The trainers from Perpetua Crossfit

“You will find all of the Perpetua coaches eating their breakfast in Foodie Cafe in the IFSC!  They order the egg pot or the protein pancakes (or sometimes both!).  The pancakes are a personal fave for a post workout treat, they fill you up and have the right amount of protein and good carbs (as well as delicious toppings to choose from).  The egg pots are great too because you can pick and choose the fillings you want.  It’s great to have somewhere close to the gym where we can healthy treats quickly”

Perpetua CrossFit are located in both London & Dublin and were recently voted World’s Best Gyms by Men’s Health Magazine.  Located opposite the IFSC on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay it is the perfect location to get your workout in before or after work or even on your lunch break!  They are different to a regular gym as when you turn up you get given a coach for life who looks after you from day 1, including texting you when you do not show up for class! It’s also not just a place to get fit but to make friends too! They hold lots of social events for the whole community.

Perpetua Crossfit Dublin Undeground

The trainers from Perpetua Crossfit are suckers for the protein pancakes from FOODIE cafe in the IFSC (photo credit: FoodiecafeIFSC on Facebook)

Kristian Breen from Flyefit

“I rise at 5am and start my day with a black coffee to wake me up and 500ml of water to keep me hydrated and to ensure I’m at my best for the long day ahead. Between 9-12am I have my breakfast, depending on how many clients I have. I usually have two pieces of wholemeal toast and one small bowl of porridge made with water. I have one litre of water with breakfast. For breakfast, I like to have a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Carbohydrates will keep my muscles full and give me energy throughout the day. Protein and fats ensure I recover from the previous day’s weight training and cardio sessions and also to help me maintain and build my muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have the easier it is to drop body fat. I aim for scrambled eggs with one yolk and three whites. The fat from the egg yolk keeps my hormone production in full swing and keeps my body healthy and functioning at its best.”

Kristian Breen is a Personal Trainer at Flyefit Ranelagh. For one on one and group sessions contact him at 086 8459369 or Kristianbreenpt@gmail.com. Services include:
– Improving Body Composition
– Fat Loss
– Strength training
– Christmas/Wedding shape up programmes

Flyefit Dublin Underground

Kristian Breen is a Personal Trainer at Flyefit gyms. His breakfast happens between 9 and 12 and consists of scrambled eggs and porridge.

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