Dublin’s New York Neighbourhoods. Which One Do You Live In?

New York, New York! It’s the Empire State, The City of Dreams, The City of Lights, The Big Apple. It’s one of the most unique cities in the world. New York stands out for many reasons, one being its clearly divided neighbourhoods. From Soho to the Village and Chinatown to Williamsburg, New York is divided into hoods, each one with a unique personality and vibe. New Yorkers are fiercely proud of their hoods and often defined by which one they’re from. So if Dublin was the Big Apple, which hood would be which?

Times Square

Bustling Times Square is our Temple Bar

Times Square / Temple Bar

Times Square is a bustling and frenetic hotspot of energy and excitement. Depending on who you ask, Times Square is either the beating heart of the city or a stress-inducing tourist trap, This place divides opinion, just like our very own Temple Bar.

Clubbers in the Meatpacking District

Clubbers in the Meatpacking District, like our very own Harcourt Street

The Meatpacking District / Harcourt Street

The Meatpacking District is known for its trendy boutiques and hip nightclubs. It’s where Sex and the City’s Samantha made her home. It’s also a hotbed for larceny.  It has to be our Harcourt Street , the prime destination for clubbers, but not exactly the most wholesome thoroughfare in the city.

NYC Street Art . . .

Drury Street is our version of trendy Soho

Soho / Drury Street

Soho is famous for its lofts, art galleries, shops, retail therapy and inner city regeneration. It’s our very own Drury Street, emerging as the hippest area in town.


Parnell Street is the closest we’ve got to a Chinatown

Chinatown / Parnell St

Dublin is too small to have a proper Chinatown but with several Asian restaurants the Parnell Street area emerged as a candidate of sorts. Two getting good reviews are Mitsuba (Japanese) and Pho Viet (Vietnamese).


Midtown’s famous buildings are reminiscent of College Green & Dame Street

Midtown / College Green & Dame Street

Midtown is the centre of Manhattan and home to some of the city’s most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the United Nations headquarters. It’s our very own College Green and Dame Street; home to Dublin Castle, Trinity College and the Central Bank.

Wall Street

The IFSC is our Financial District

Financial District / IFSC and Docklands

New York has Wall Street and the Financial District, perched on the harbour overlooking the Hudson river. Dublin has the IFSC, overlooking the Liffey and the newly regenerated Docklands. It’s not quite Wall Street but it’s not too shabby on a sunny day.

East Village

The East Village or ‘Rathmines’

East Village / Rathmines

Known for its artists, musicians, students and hippies who were attracted to the area by cheap rents the East Village is New York’s Rathmines. Rising rents in the East Village have since pushed the artists further out, not unlike Rathmines where it’s not as cheap as it used to be.

The Lower East Side could be our Dublin 8

The Lower East Side could be our Dublin 8

Lower East Side / Dublin 8

Traditionally an immigrant, working-class neighbourhood and now home to more upscale boutiques and trendy dining establishments, the Lower East Side is Dublin 8. Suburbs like Kilmainham and Portobello are old Dublin but with a rising number of trendy cafes, like The Fumbally, Noshington and The Natural Bakery, these areas are feeling a whole lot more trendy.

West Village

The swanky West Village is our Ranelagh

West Village / Ranelagh

The West Village is a small-town neighbourhood with a celebrity following, a bit like Dublin’s newest favourite place to live; Ranelagh.  Real estate agents DNG described the south Dublin neighbourhood as “one of the trendiest and most cosmopolitan villages in the city”. Hang out here on a Saturday afternoon and you’ve a good chance of spotting a celeb… or a Leinster rugby player at the very least.


….and hipster heaven Williamsburg is our Stoneybatter

Williamsburg / Stoneybatter

Famous for fixie bikes and secret rooftop parties, Stoneybatter is the Williamsburg of Dublin. It’s the newest hipster hang out, replacing Ranelagh and Rathmines, just like Williamsburg replaced the East Village and the West Village as the coolest kid on the block.

Long Island

Long Island is NYC’s version of Howth

Long Island / Howth

With its beaches, golf courses and proximity to the big city Long Island is our Howth. The “Howth Iced Tea” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it but you get the idea.

Upper East SIde

The Upper East Side or Ballsbridge

Upper East Side / Ballsbridge

On the Upper East Side it’s all about nannies, doormen and chauffeurs. Things are a little bit finer, just like D4’s headquarters Ballsbridge.

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