Dinner & A Movie? The Top 5 Restaurant & Cinema Combos.


Dinner & a movie, it’s the oldest date idea in the book and if you ask us, one of the best ways to spend an evening. You could choose the easy option and head for the nearest shopping centre or for something a bit classier check out our top 5:

The Lighthouse & Mulligans

There’s no doubting the excellent standard of food at this top gastropub but L Mulligan Grocer might be a victim of its own success. Once a genuine old school pub serving unexpectedly great food, it’s now busy, prices are steep and service can be hit and miss. Still though, make sure to book in advance and you’ll be guaranteed good food and great craft beers, all around the corner from probably the city’s best cinema. The Lighthouse has a splendid selection of films accompanied by yet more excellent craft beers.

The Screen & The Vintage Kitchen

A more perfect combo would be hard to find, if you can get in that is. The Vintage Kitchen is a small restaurant that’s serious about its food. With a two course menu for €25 where you can bring your own wine this is probably the best value way to eat well in the city. It’s so busy though that you might have to make a midweek visit to get in. The nearby Screen has a good selection of quality films and they’ve even got wine.

Cineworld & Musashi

Another BYO option, Musashi is fast gaining a name as one of the best sushi spots in Dublin. It’s another busy place where you’d be advised to book. Cineworld is big, brash and busy but after a meal that good you’ll be able to brave it.

Swan Cinema & Jo Burger

After the closing of the famous Stella Cinema Rathmines had to wait a long time for another one. The Swan is a welcome addition but unfortunately it’s all about kids’ movies and blockbusters here. The good news is that if they do have a film worth watching you won’t be short of spots to eat. Jo Burger would be our choice for massive burgers, good beers & great tunes.

Movies at Dundrum

It’s a cold and soulless shopping centre and your date won’t be impressed at your lack of imagination, but the sheer range of restaurants on offer make Dundrum hard to ignore. From the delicious Counter Burger to the swish Port House, tasty Italian at Jamie’s or top end grub at Ananda you’ll be covered no matter what the occasion. And the cinema is pretty plush too.

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