Capel Street. Welcome To Dublin’s Most Diverse Neighbourhood

It’s Dublin’s most diverse street, where traditional pubs sit side by side with trendy cafés. On Capel Street €10 can get you a three course meal or a single bottle of craft beer. It’s a place where old meets new. It’s a place where you can browse for antique bargains or buy a blow up doll, depending on how your weekend is going to pan out. Despite still being home to no less than three sex shops Capel street has largely shrugged off its seedy reputation of yesteryear. Home to a raft of new cafés, bars, restaurants and businesses, it’s one of the hottest places in the city right now.

It’s vibrant, it’s gritty, it’s edgy, it’s trendy, it’s alternative, it’s multicultural and we love it. Ladies and gents, we give you Capel street:


Pantibar Dublin Underground

Pantibar and the famous neon sign that has come under fire from Dublin City Council #saveoursign

Camerino Bakery Dublin Underground

Camerino Bakery – cute café, serious cakes!

Brother Hubbard Dublin Underground

The famed Brother Hubbards

Goodwins Dublin Underground

Capel street, where musical instruments sit along side sex shops

Slatterys Dublin Undeground

Slatterys of Capel Street, serving pints since 1870

The Black Sheep Dublin Underground

The Black Sheep – it hasn’t been serving since 1870, but it’s still pretty darn good

Jack Nealons Dublin Underground

Nealons, another of the street’s well renowned pubs

Outhouse Dublin Underground

Outhouse is a community and resource centre for LGBT people, their families and friends

Graffiti Capel Street Dublin Underground

Graffiti on Capel Street

Beerhouse Capel Street Dublin Underground

Beerhouse. Does exactly what it says on the tin.


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