Dublin Underground’s Guide to BYOB. Bring Your Own Booze!

We first published our BYOB guide in 2014, after reading an article in The Irish Times explaining that a €1.85 bottle of wine can end up costing €30 in a Dublin bistro. With that in mind surely the best way to get good value in Dublin restaurants is by bringing your own wine? We’ve updated the list many times since its first inception and here it is, the original and the best guide to the top 10 Dublin restaurants who do BYOB:

10. Rotana Café, 31 Richmond St S, Portobello, Dublin 2

Rotana serves genuine Lebanese food that goes beyond hummous & falafel. It’s good fresh food in an unpretentious setting. Rotana’s official line is free corkage for the first bottle & €5 thereafter but they’ve been known to waive the charge altogether.

Rotana BYOB Dublin Underground

Rotana, at Portobello Bridge.

9. Keshk Café, 129 Upper Leeson Street , Dublin 2.

It’s the second Lebanese Halal on our list and yet another spot serving top quality food to a devoted following. Expect more excellent food at great value, there’s BYO with no corkage to top it off. Excuse the pun.

Keshk Cafe BYOB Dublin Underground

Keshk Café, great value no corkage

8. Dada, South William Street

Located on buzzing South William Street, Dada restaurant is an attractive looking spot that specialises in Moroccan cuisine. Expect a range of tagines, slow cooked lamb and lots of couscous. It’s a large restaurant so it’s a good option for groups on a budget.

Dada BYOB Dublin Underground

Dada Restaurant, South William Street

7. Seagrass, 30 South Richmond St., Portobello, Dublin 2

A step up from many of the casual café style eateries on the list Seagrass does not look like the kind of restaurant that would do BYO. Luckily it does, and the combination of fantastic food with BYO wine makes it a great value option for a nicer occasion.

seagrass BYOB Dublin Underground

Seagrass, high end food with BYO in Portobello

6. Little Jerusalem, Rathmines & Jerusalem, Camden Street

It might be hidden down a small side street beside Slatterys Pub but Little Jerusalem’s fresh Middle Eastern cuisine means it’s well known around the area. The good news is that you don’t even have to go the whole way to Rathmines, there’s now a second restaurant; ‘Jerusalem’ on Camden Street.

Jerusalem BYOB Dublin Underground

Little Jerusalem’s new big sister; Jerusalem

5. Musashi, Capel St & Zakura, Camden Street

Musashi and Zakura are sister restaurants offering excellent sushi to Dublin diners. Their promise is that all sushi is made fresh to order and judging by the growing popularity it’s a promise they’re keeping too. It’s also good value and if you bring your own wine you’re in for a serious bargain.

Musashi BYOB Dublin Underground

Capel Street’s Musashi, g’wan in, it’s very good.

4. Michie Sushi, 11 Chelmsford Lane, Ranelagh.

Probably Dublin’s best sushi, if you can find it that is. Michie Sushi is hidden down a small lane off Ranelagh’s main thoroughfare. The restaurant is tiny and it’s pretty basic as dining rooms go but we’re putting this one right up the list because the sushi is incredible and it’s the kind of quirky little spot that Dublin needs more of. They have a very limited wine selection but you can also bring your own, corkage is €3.50.

Michie BYOB Dublin Underground

Michie Sushi – worth finding.

3. Mayfield Deli & Eatery, Terenure

Mayfield is a quintessential neighbourhood bistro serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from Thursday to Saturday to Terenure’s lucky locals. The menu promises “wholesome great value food” including gourmet burgers and fresh fish dishes. There’s also a cafe with extensive outdoor seating. Mayfield recently made the decision to allow BYOW with no corkage fee, making the trip out to Terenure even more worth it.

Mayfield Terenure Dublin Underground

Photo: @mayfieldeatery Facebook

2. The Little Kitchen, Leeson Street

A sister restaurant to the Vintage Kitchen this little gem on Leeson street is serving up more amazing food with BYO. What’s more there’s no corkage charged once you have two courses. There’s a mouth watering menu, with similar dishes as The Vintage Kitchen on offer, the only downside? Expect it to be just as hard to get a reservation as its big sister!

The Little Kitchen Dublin Underground

Photo: @The Little Kitchen on Facebook

1. Vintage Kitchen, Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2

Still riding high at the top of our charts, it’s the little Dublin eatery that takes its food seriously it just doesn’t have time for wine. Friday and Saturday nights are often booked up months in advance and it’s not hard to see why. With two courses at only €28 and a BYOW policy the Vintage Kitchen has to be the best value in the city.

The Vintage Kitchen Dublin Underground

The Vintage Kitchen, Poolbeg Street

The Vintage Kitchen Dublin Underground

“It’s chowda, say it right”

PLUS, there’s more……….

Don’t miss Gallahers Bistro on  d’Olier Street, Dublin 2. With a a set menu (two courses for €20/€25) and a BYO policy it’s excellent value.

Cafe Bliss on Montague St., Dublin 2, it’s not fine dining but with mains for less than a tenner & the BYO policy it might just be the ultimate way to do it on the cheap.

At Happy Monday (and Tuesday) in Fallon & Byrne‘s wine cellar it’s just €1 corkage on all wines consumed in the cellar. The menu ranges from light bites to rustic main dishes.


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3 Responses

  1. Carmel

    Another great BYOB is Aladdins Cafe on upper Leeson Street, nice and cosy and the food is fab, Egyptian/Moroccan style, would definately recommend it!

  2. Julie

    Check out Clare’s Pizzaria The Italian Restaurant in Clondalkin. A fantastic new establishment with a BYOB policy. Food is freshly made, and a regular refresh of the menu makes it a great place to keep going back to. It has a lovely atmosphere as well. And great value.

    • Dublin Underground

      Thanks for the heads up Julie! It sounds lovely. We focused mainly on the city centre and close by so it’s great to hear about places doing BYO in other locations too.


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