Pitt Bros – Dublin Hits BBQ Fever Pitch

Dublin has gone BBQ crazy and I have to say, I can see why. You’re guaranteed tasty food every time, without the fuss or the price tag of a full on restaurant. It’s casual and it’s quick, but there are just enough frills to make it a perfectly acceptable part of a night out. For many years in Dublin there haven’t really been many options between grabbing a McDonalds or going out for full on dinner, despite the fact that there are many occasions that call for something in between. A bite to eat before the cinema? A first date that might go either way? Lining the stomach before a night out? This calls for barbecued meat!

It all started with Bison Bar, on the Quays near the Millenium Bridge. Bison is more of a bar than some of the others and whiskey sours are a speciality. Bison was first but next came the Daddy of them all, “Pitt Bros Smoked BBQ Project” on Georges Street or ‘Pitt Bros’ if you’re on first name terms. There’s also Aussie BBQ on Richmond St and My Meat Wagon in Smithfield. Plus, the new kid on the block, Smokin Bones on Dame Street , but admittedly they still seem to be getting off the blocks and they’re not quite as busy the others.

It was only when I was turned away from My Meat Wagon recently because they were too busy that I realised BBQ had got so big. An hour’s wait for pulled pork? In Smithfield? Madness it is. But I can see the appeal. It’s a simple formula – take one chilled out atmosphere, add a short menu, some nice craft beers and finish with some seriously tasty meat. Boom, you’re onto a winner.

If you haven’t dipped into the BBQ scene yet give it a go. Don’t be expecting high end food, or silver service. You might not even get a proper plate. But if it’s quick, tasty grub you’re after then just do it. Unless you’re a vegetarian there’s an awful lot to like.

Pitt Bros BBQ

Meat Porn. Pitt Bros style.

Pitt Bros BBQ

Inside Pitt Bros. The actual décor is better than my photography skills. Thankfully.

Pitt Bros. BBQ

Arty. Eh?


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