10 Things To Do In Dublin When It’s Sunny

On a sunny day, Dublin is, without a doubt, the greatest place on Earth (fact). But those rare sunny days sometimes catch us off guard and the panic sets in ‘what will we do?’ and ‘how can we make the most of it?’. We’ve come up with 10 ideas to help you decide what to do:

1. Go to the beach, obvs
Planning required: 5/10 Cost: 0
Dublin’s blue flag beaches are Balcarrick (Donabate) and Velvet Strand (Portmarnock) on the northside and Seapoint and Killiney on the Southside. If you’re prepared to go further afield Portrane beach just north of Donabate gets great reviews or you could venture out of the county boundary and head for Wicklow or Wexford. Dublin’s beaches are sure to attract crowds as soon as there’s a hint of sun on the sky, so the further you go from the city the more you’ll be rewarded.

Beach Dublin Underground

To the beach with us

2. Go drinking
Planning required 0/10 Cost: € to €€€
You know it! Even the slightest sliver of sun in the sky and that unremarkable stretch of the canal beside the Barge will be wedged with people. There isn’t even a seating area and it’ll still be rammed. Of course if you don’t want to sit on a low wall nursing your pint in your hand there are actual beer gardens all over Dublin, Publin will help you decide which one to pick.

The Barge Dublin Underground

Sun’s out, cans out

3. Go to the park
Planning required 3/10 Cost: 0
St Stephens Green, Phoenix Park, Corkagh Park, St Annes, Marlay…. you have to admit we have parks to rival the best of them. Whether it’s one of the big ones or just your little local patch of grass, pack up the rug and the picnic, bring games and books (and a six pack if you’ve recovered from last night) and hit the park. You’ll be glad you did.

War Memorial Park Dublin Underground

The Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge

4. Have a BBQ
Planning required 5/10 (you’ll need charcoal, food and possibly friends) Cost: Depends on how fancy you are
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. All year you’ve been manfully manning the coals in your jacket, praying it won’t rain just as the sausages go on. “Did you feel that??” Finally, you can stoke up the barbie worry free. If you don’t have a garden (fancy dans) then see if there’s a barbecue space in your local park. The Phoenix Park has limited designated BBQ areas.

Barbeque Dublin Underground

BBQ time

5. Get active
Planning required 3/10 Cost: 0 to €
Grab your bike and take a long spin down the coast or out to Wicklow, stopping for a compulsory coffee along the way of course. Go hiking in Glendalough or climb Howth hill. Walk Dun Laoghaire Pier or climb Bray Head. All followed by a nice lunch (and pints) of course.

Hiking Dublin Underground

Get your hike on

6. Visit an attraction or do something exciting
Planning required 5/10 Cost: Depends
Go to the Zoo, head for Tayto Park, spend the day at Dundrum’s Airfield Estate or do the Croke Park Skyline. It takes a bit of effort and you’ll likely have to pay entry fees but if the sun is shining you know it’ll make for a memorable day out.

Zoo Dublin Underground

Hopefully you won’t be yawning at Dublin Zoo

7. Do something adventurous
Planning required 8/10 Cost: Depends
Try Stand Up Paddleboarding at Grand Canal Dock, wakeboarding, kayaking on the Liffey or kite surfing at Bull Island. All followed by restorative refereshments and a bit of grub, of course.

Surfdock Dublin Underground

Photo: Surfdock Watersports, Facebook

8. Play a round of golf
Planning required: 5/10 Cost € to €€
Yep, seriously. If you’re already a golf fan then you’re probably foaming at the mouth at the possibility of getting your fix on a day like this. Why  not get the rest of the crew interested by hitting up a par three course or playing pitch and putt? Stepaside’s 18 hole par three course is €10 for adults and €7.50 for kids. Liffey Valley’s is €9/€5.

Golf Dublin Underground

Spot of golf, chaps

9. Do something cultural

Planning required: 3/10 Cost € to €€
Do something cultural, outdoors of course. How about the Botanic Gardens or Glasnevin Cemetery? Learn something new while getting your daily dose of vitamin D.

Botanic Gardens Dublin Underground

Photo: National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Facebook

10. Do what you would normally do, yes seriously
Planning required: 0/10 Cost: Depends
Weed the garden, hang out the washing, go for your morning run, bring the kids to the park or go shopping in town. A bit of sun makes everything better, even your normal day to day routine, so don’t overthink it. Just do what you normally do and make sure to enjoy it twice as much!

Gardening Dublin Underground

Business as usual, made better by he sun

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